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“A brilliant journalist, Greg O’Brien has bravely chosen to live his life out of the shadows and in the spotlight.”

George Vradenburg, Co-Founder, Us Against Alzheimer’s

“We live in a culture where taking care of somebody is penalized.”

Dr. Molly Perdue & Melanie Braverman, AFSC Co-Founders

“I was blessed to experience this film… I can’t remember the last time I’ve been moved to tears, contemplation, laughter, enlightenment and wonder as I was watching this informative, honest work. We have all been touched directly or indirectly by this silent disease… HYHAG Gives the disease a face, a soul, a family, and a message we should all hear!”

Don McDaniels

“Remembering: “If you’re trying to understand what it feels like to live with Alzheimer’s…then you need to see this movie!”

Lisa Genova, PhD, Neuroscientist,
(NYTimes best-selling author) – “Still Alice” & “Remember”

“Despite the fears there is hope and Greg represents that hope.”

Kate Granigan, CEO ALCA (Aging Life Care Advocates)

“a more eloquent, witty and honest spokesperson this horrible disease will never see!”

Rudy Tanzi, PhD, Prof. Neurology, Harvard Medical School, Cure Alzheimer’s Fund

“Greg has done a great job with Alzheimer’s focusing on significance”

Rev. Doug Scalise, Pastor, Brewster Baptist Church

“Alzheimer’s messed with the wrong man.”

David Shenk, Author and podcaster host of “The Forgetting”

“It isn’t heartbreaking…but heartwarming!”

Federico Furzan

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“…never less than moving, fascinating, painful yet inspiring, and extraordinarily important.”

“At 59, distinguished newspaperman Greg O’Brien developed Alzheimer’s disease, which is expected to afflict 80 million people by 2031. He covered his own experience and interviewed experts in the 2014 best-selling book On Pluto: Inside the Mind of Alzheimer’s and became an Alzheimer’s activist. At their 50th high school reunion, somebody asked his filmmaker classmate Steve Ecclesine if he’d heard about O’Brien’s misfortune. So Ecclesine reunited with him and made this documentary, featuring O’Brien — one vivid, irreverent cinematic subject — and his friends, family, pastor, and doctors, plus neurologist Lisa Genova, whose Still Alice was adapted into the Oscar-winning movie starring Julianne Moore. It’s a loose jumble of talking-head interviews, but it’s never less than moving, fascinating, painful yet inspiring, and extraordinarily important.”


AARP Interview with Greg O’Brien

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“The film is an informative look into the reality of the disease and the harrowing effects it causes in society and the people who suffer from it.”

After watching Have you heard about Greg? and thinking of every word spoken by those included in the final cut, I couldn’t help but think that it would be impossible to put together an observational piece. From an objective point of view, a critic should always stick to the material about the subject at hand, and not the story that’s being told.

But then, films like this are made for a reason. And there’s nothing more humane than that to highlight in this humble consideration of the film. Have you heard about Greg? is a beautiful homage to a human being whose spirituality is so strong and present, that it regards kindness and calm as the only available outcome for when the story ends. It isn’t heartbreaking but heartwarming. And it’s exactly the way a film about loss should be.

Greg O’Brien is an investigative reporter who has decided to open his heart to a dear friend. He has decided to be the subject of a documentary about a disease that’s eating him inside and yet he bargains with humility, humor and inevitability. Through Have you heard about Greg? we meet Greg’s family, friends, and experts in the field who are familiar with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

The film is an informative look into the reality of the disease and the harrowing effects it causes in society and the people who suffer from it. It’s an interesting comment on the healthcare system that should provide all the time, and it simply doesn’t. The film stays afloat in this observation but it’s exactly the kind of subject that should be sparked after films like this are released.

Then again, the film is an intimate journey into the life of Greg, a man who has decided to observe his diseases (he also has cancer) with a different lens. One that awakens the need for conversation about understanding and listening to those who need it the most. As someone in the film mentions it at some point, the typical commercial is part of the past. No longer there’s an old lady sitting in a nursing home waiting for something. Validation comes in various forms. Greg O’Brien is at the center of a design that’s beautiful as it is jarring. It’s also necessary as a socially relevant issue to speak about.

Films like Have you heard about Greg? are wake-up calls. And not so much about prevention, but also about treatment and how to perform in a space that still regards mental health as taboo-ish, and only acts in the face of a good book that tells related stories and becomes a bestseller. Why do we need to wait for those?

In any case, Have you heard about Greg? is a very good opportunity to explore a subject that’s sadly too common. Out of Greg’s conversational attitude, you get hope, love and strength. Even when he declares himself to be losing a battle, you can’t help but accompany him in a mysterious journey that ends in the most important place for humankind: what comes after death?

I can guarantee you, you will see things differently. And not too many works of love and passion have that result. Sure, there’s admiration for whoever makes such a hopeful film, but few of them make you change your mind about a disease that’s as normal as any other. To fight something, we need to understand it, and this is a beautiful film that can help everyone see some things that aren’t clear.”

“The film issues much more than expected. Should be shown to as many audiences in as many places as possible.”

Sandra Ulrich

“In an odd way, this film is beautiful, and it is about so much more than Alzheimer’s, which should be its deepest purpose. It’s about life! So much so that I’d like to have access to the film and be able to share it with close family and friends who will miss seeing it.”

Gordon & Carol Wright

“Although I’m crying like a baby, THANK YOU so much for this advance screening”

Helena Nossal

“I think Greg is so courageous and so aware. It is amazing. I am so moved by his story and his family is so nice and supportive; his wife and kids are amazing. Thank you for sharing this screening.”

Sandra Heath

REVIEW from Atma!

“Yours is the ability to shine immense light…”

The critics are giving your film the reviews it truly deserves..

They are stumbling over their words, trying to express the multitude of emotions one experiences upon this beautiful and most enlightening journey…

Heroes come in many forms, you just have to find your Superpower… Yours is the ability to shine immense light upon one of the darkest diseases the world will come to know…

Like a master fighter, you’ve found a way to deliver a ghost punch, Alzheimer’s just didn’t see coming.. Who would have thought, that the way to shine light upon this night dweller, would be to give voice to its extended wave of victims.

Alzheimer’s is not a disease that only steals the mind and soul of its intended… It cruelly tramples upon the hearts, minds and souls of all that stand within its wake…

This is the power of “Have You Heard About Greg.” It gives voice to those that have, for so many years, been washed over and forgotten..
Alzheimer’s is known as a cruel Thief In The Night… But, everyone knows, you can’t solve a crime without a witness! This is the power of “Have You Heard About Greg.” It gives voice to the witness… We hear the testimony of those that have experienced it.

It is with this evidence, we will shine light upon and catch this criminal known as Alzheimer’s.


REVIEW from “Takin A Walk” Podcast

“How a man can be so courageous at his darkest hour is beyond me.”

Greg O’Brien is an inspiring man.

His body is giving out on him due to the ravages of Alzheimer’s disease.

He calls on his faith regularly at the darkest hours.

Greg is the author of “On Pluto”-Inside the Mind of Alzheimer’s and the subject of the new documentary “Have you heard about Greg?”

He was a lifelong investigative reporter, and the book chronicles his journey, baring his soul.

His mission is to take this dreadful disease out of the darkness and help those possibly starting to struggle with it to seek early help and develop a plan.

He is also hoping advocacy can help get more research funding to help the many inflicted with it.

What is so impressive about Greg in the midst of this sad story is how honest, humorous, transparent and noble he is within the war he is waging.

How a man can be so courageous at his darkest hour is beyond me.

Greg is not a believer in a pity party.

He just wants to get thru a day dedicated to the cause.

“Takin A Walk” Podcast