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Have You Heard About Greg?

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“A brilliant journalist, Greg O’Brien has bravely chosen to live his life out of the shadows and in the spotlight.”
George Vradenburg, Co-Founder, Us Against Alzheimer’s

Remembering: “If you’re trying to understand what it feels like to live with Alzheimer’s…then you need to see this movie!”
Lisa Genova, PhD, Neuroscientist,
(NYTimes best-selling author) – “Still Alice” & “Remember”

“HYHAG Gives the disease a face, a soul, a family, and a message we should all hear!”
Don McDaniel

“Despite the fears there is hope and Greg represents that hope.”
Kate Granigan, CEO ALCA (Aging Life Care Advocates)

Meet Greg O’Brien

Author of On Pluto

A career journalist, Greg O’Brien’s latest book, an international award winner, “On Pluto: Inside the Mind of Alzheimer’s” is the first book written by an investigative reporter embedded inside the mind of Alzheimer’s, chronicling the progression of his own disease. Lisa Genova, author of the best-selling Alzheimer’s novel, Still Alice, whose screen version won an Academy Award, wrote the foreword. “If you’re trying to understand what it feels like to live with Alzheimer’s…then you need to read this book,” she observed.

On Pluto has won the Beverly Hills International Book Award for Medicine, the International Book Award for Health, was an Eric Hoffer International Book Award finalist, as well as a finalist for USA Best Book Awards. It has been translated into Mandarin for distribution in China, into Italian for distribution in Italy, and a foreign edition is distributed in India.

O’Brien was diagnosed several years ago with Alzheimer’s after a series of brain scans and clinical tests, and after serious head traumas that doctors say unmasked a disease in the making. Alzheimer’s—a disease that can take 20-to-25 years to run its serpentine course—took O’Brien’s maternal grandfather, his mother, and his paternal uncle, and before his father’s death, he, too, was diagnosed with dementia. O’Brien, who carries the Alzheimer’s marker gene APOE-4. Read More